• Heart-Scan is a new technique for rapid non-invasive scanning of the heart to detect heart disease in its earliest stages

  • Heart-Scan is a reliable predictor of future heart disease

  • Heart-Scan can monitor the extent and progression of existing disease

  • Heart-Scan detects heart disease which is often asymptomatic, allowing for early treatment.  Treatment at its earliest stages could possibly reverse, or even stop the progress of the disease.

  • The scan takes 5 minutes, and includes a comprehensive consultation with a member of our medical team

  • No prior fasting or injection is required

Why Heart-Scan?

  • With Heart-Scan, we can now detect and accurately quantify even the smallest amounts of calcium in the heart arteries

  • We can confidently diagnose heart disease whenever we find calcium in the heart arteries

  • If calcium is detected at the earliest possible time, this could be years before the first symptoms of heart disease present themselves

  • Previously the only method to detect calcium in the heart was angiography

  • Heart-Scan uses a specially modified, state of the art CT scanner (see examples).





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UK, London Heart Scans For The Detection Of Calcium Heart scan UK represents an important advance in the noninvasive detection coronary artery disease. Heart Scan UK is specialized CT scanning that measure calcium in the coronary arteries. Commercially available heart scans UK quantitate the amount of calcium in the wall of an artery.

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London, UK CT Scanning CT heart scan UK can look directly at your coronary arteries. Using the cutting edge technology of CT heart scans UK, we can view the heart from any direction. Cardiologists belived that the invasive coronary angiogram can diagnose coronary artery disease. CT heart scanning, captures detailed, cross-sectional images of your heart. Click Here
UK About EBA Heart Scans EBA heart scan UK is used to obtain information about the coronary arteries supplying blood to the heart muscle. In both EBA heart scan UK and conventional angiogram contrast dye is injected into the blood circulation and images taken of the coronary arteries as the dye passes through them. EBA heart scan is significantly less invasive. EBA heart scan is performed by injecting intravenous contrast into an arm vein. Click Here
UK, London Heart Scans / CT Heart Scan Heart scan UK is generally recommended for men between the ages of 40 and 70. A heart scan detects and “scores” the amount of calcium present in your arteries. A heart scan UK specifically measures the presence of calcium within plaque deposits in vessels of the heart. CT heart scan UK that measure calcium in the coronary arteries. Click Here
London Heart Scan UK...Should You Get One? - Heart Disease and other So-called "heart scan UK" are specialized CT scans that measure calcium in the coronary arteries. Atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries) is a process that develops over many years and represents the deposit of plaques in the walls of the arteries. These plaques may obstruct blood flow, and, as their size increases, they may obstruct blood flow enough to cause angina pectoris (chest pain) or myocardial infarction (heart attack). These plaques consist of cholesterol, calcium, muscle cells, and connective tissue. There is a fairly good correlation between the amount of calcium in an artery and the degree of plaque in the same artery. Click Here
UK, London Heart Scan - EBT or CT Heart Scan, Non-Invasive Heart Disease The heart scan UK is a simple non-invasive test used for early detection of heart disease. With early detection and modifying your risk factors, the potential for advanced heart disease may be significantly reduced and in some cases reversed. The heart scan is a painless test that takes about 10 minutes. The process is similar to taking an x-ray of your body. An individual lies on the scanner table and multiple images of the heart are taken. A qualified physician then interprets these images to determine the amount of calcified plaque in the arteries. The heart scan may be appropriate for Men 35 or older and women 40 or older with any one of the following risk factors so do heart scan UK. Click Here
London Heart Scan May Predict Hidden Heart Disease There are many individuals in the United States that have heart disease. Additionally, there are many more who have heart disease, but remain asymptomatic. Heart scan UK may be able to detect the beginning of atherosclerosis, which is the buildup of cholesterol on blood vessels to form a waxy plaque. A recent research study performed on 100 women at St. Luke's Hospital in Kansas City, Missouri using the heart scan UK revealed that 42 of the women had undiagnosed heart disease. The heart scan UK specifically measures the presence of calcium within plaque deposits in vessels of the heart. The American Heart Association feels that this is a promising development in the efficient diagnosis of heart disease. Click Here
London, UK Heart Scan/Coronary Calcium Scoring Coronary Calcium Scoring is a test that will tell you your risk of developing coronary artery disease.
Coronary Calcium Scoring is a better predictor of coronary events than cholesterol screening or other non-invasive tests. Do heart scan UK regularly.
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