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Dual-Source CT Coronary Angiogram


What is Dual-Source CT Coronary Angiogram? 

Dual-Source CT Coronary Angiogram is a non-invasive way to detect blockages in or narrowing of the coronary arteries.  Dual-Source CT Coronary Angiogram uses a specialised CT scanner to take 3D images of the heart and view the arteries.  This method is an easy painless alternative to coronary angiography which requires local anaesthetic and a minor invasive procedure.

How do I know if I need the test?

You will be advised by our doctors whether you need an Dual-Source CT Coronary Angiogram.  However, if you have had chest pain or angina, or previous cardiac events you may benefit from this test.  In addition patients who have had cardiac by-pass surgery or previous angioplasty can use Dual-Source CT Coronary Angiogram as a follow-up scan.

How do I prepare for the test?

No preparation is needed for this scan.  No fasting, gowns or needles.

What will happen during the test?

You will be taken into the scanning room and asked to lie down on the scanning bed.  The scanning procedure will take about 30 minutes.

What will the test result tell me?

The test result will provide a 3D image of the heart showing any blockages on narrowing of the arteries. 

What happens next?

Depending on your Dual-Source CT Coronary Angiogram result you will receive recommendations on whether further tests or procedures are needed and how to manage existing disease.